About Us

As a fledgling firm MXEDGE was fortunate to be immediately retained by Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. and shortly thereafter by James “Bubba” Stewart. In 2006 Joe Gibbs Racing retained MXEDGE to assist in the creation and development of a new supercross team that continued for 15 years. MXEDGE founder David Evans then became an employee of Joe Gibbs Racing and is the Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships.

For Athletes and Properties

MXEDGE custom tailors every client relationship to best fit the objectives at hand. The firm’s primary focus is agency representation, sponsorship acquisition, public relations, and negotiating terms to contract. Understanding the needs and concerns of both brands seeking to engage consumers through affinity marketing programs as well as the perspective of athletes and properties, MXEDGE can assist in creating meaningful and lasting relationships.

For Brands

MXEDGE assists brands seeking to engage the action sports lifestyle. The firm can identify the right athlete(s), properties, and events to most efficiently meet the objectives of a proposed campaign. MXEDGE can also assist in securing the right activation partners once an affinity relationship is established.

MXEDGE is Proud to Have Worked Directly with the Following Brands

Joe Gibbs Racing
General Motors
Red Bull
Monster Energy
Rockstar Energy
Geico Factory Connection Honda Team